Jun 7, 2018

Pick a Perfect Melon Every Time

He snorted and began to take groceries out of the bag. “Everybody’s always here.
You call this a ripe melon?” Accusation in every cell, LeClerc held out a cantaloupe.
“How the hell am I supposed to know if it’s ripe?” Marketing never put her in a sunny mood. “They all look the same.”
“How many times I tell you, smell, listen.” He tapped the melon, holding it close to his ear. “Still green.”
Roxanne planted her hands on her hips. “Why do you always send me out for fruits and vegetables then complain about what I bring home?”
“You got to learn, don’t you?”

Honest Illusions


By Jennifer - https://www.flickr.com/photos/23126594@N00/808866748/, CC BY 2.0,

Picking a good melon isn't as easy or straightforward as it is with other fruits. You can't just give a melon a squeeze and know that it's ready to eat like you might with a peach or an avocado. However, there are plenty of subtle signs that can point you in the right direction, Katy Green, a produce field inspector at Whole Foods Market, tells SELF.

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