Apr 9, 2018

Anticipating and savoring the sunrise

Some mornings the sun seemed to rise more slowly than others, as if nature wanted to show off her particular majesty just a bit longer. 
When she’d gone to bed, Kate had left her shades up knowing that the morning light would awaken her before the travel alarm beside her bed rang.
She took the dawn as a gift to herself, something individual and personal. 
Standing at the window, she watched it bloom. 
The first quiet breeze of morning drifted through the screen to run over her hair and face, through the thin material of her nightshirt, cool and promising. 
While she stood, Kate absorbed the colors, the light and the silent thunder of day breaking over water.
The lazy contemplation was far different from her structured routine of the past months and
years. Mornings had been a time to dress, a time to run over her schedule and notes for the day’s classes over two cups of coffee and a quick breakfast. She never had time to give herself the dawn, so she took it now.

Treasures Lost, Treasures Found


By Kotofeij K. Bajun - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

But most of us have watched the sunrise, at some point or another. It can be a painful experience, if you’ve waited through a long dark night, and found yourself watching the east for light, for hope, for a beginning or an ending, but weighted with sorrow.

Or it can be a joyful moment, especially if you went to a special vantage point, moving up to it in the dark, in pre-dawn gloom, and were where you could enjoy to the fullest the gathering light moving up in advance of the breaking forth of the sun’s rays over a distant horizon.

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