Sep 7, 2019

Here we go... again 😉

Or why NETFILX would like to have a word with Nora Roberts 😉

During vacations  we enjoyed leisure time watching Netflix Series and Movies.

The past weekend we went to a Fair and they had Nora's books for sale in a stall. I picked this one as it is one of my favorite and I thought DH would like to return to his nightly chapter read of a Nora book when Autumn arrived.

First wrong move was to put the book on his night stand. He's a guy right? It's not like he is one of those I-can't-wait-to-read-this-book Nora gals 😉 (or wasn't...)

On Monday he humored me and we watched "The Intern". I've seen it lots of times but wanted him to watch it too. He did. He enjoyed but before going to sleep he read a bit (which was weird per se as my husband is a guy who if he's watching a movie he's watching a movie, he can :gasp: read a chapter every night and close the book and go to sleep after)...
On Tuesday and everyday after he told me he'd rather read the book, and maybe on weekends we could continue the Netflix binge 😉

He's moving through HIGH NOON (titled "Refém do Amor" in the Portuguese edition)
like a seasoned Nora Roberts' fan 💓

"Do not forsake me, oh, my darlin'." 

Sep 5, 2019

Brad Pitt ‘Removed’ His ‘Drinking Privileges’

"It's easy to delude yourself that you're entitled, that you're just fine when you're in a haze most of the time. Easy to ignore the fact that you're letting your wife and child down in a dozen ways, every single day. Forgetting dinner parties or birthdays, slipping out of bed-where you are useless to her in any case- to have just one more drink, dozing off when you're supposed to be watching your own baby. Just not being there, not completely there. Ever."
"It's a hard thing to go through, I imagine. For everyone involved."
"Harder for the ones you shipwreck with you, believe me. I wouldn't go to counseling with her, refused to attend meetings, to talk to anyone about what she saw as my problem. Even when she told me she was leaving me, when she packed her things, and Josh's
things, and walked out. I barely noticed they were gone."

Black Rose


By SpreePiX from Budapest, HU - IMG_8724_1 Brad Pitt, CC BY 2.0,

Brad Pitt is known to be one of the most dedicated actors in Hollywood — 
and he used that quality to get sober following his split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star detailed his journey in a new profile 
The New York Times published on Wednesday, September 4.


"That was tremendously brave of her."
"Yes, it was." His gaze sharpened on Roz's face. 
"Yes, it was, and I suppose a woman like you would understand just how brave it
was. It took me another full year to hit the bottom, to look around at my life and see nothing. 
To realize I'd lost what was most precious,
and that it was too late to ever get it back. I went to meetings."
"That takes courage, too."
"My first meeting?" He took another bite of his sandwich. "Scared to death. 
I sat in the back of the room, in the basement of this tiny
church, and shook like a child."
"A lot of courage."

Black Rose

Sep 2, 2019

Halloween Costumes For Couples

“Perfect. I dressed up as Han Solo for Halloween.”
“How old were you?”

The Next Always


By Jeremy Keith - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Totally Genius Halloween Costumes For Couples

Because it takes two to win Halloween.


He saw Avery, long blond wig tied back, tossing dough to the delight
of her audience of pint-sized superheroes, fairy princesses, and ghouls.
“Hannah Montana?” he called out.
She tapped the plastic wood-grained stake in her belt before she caught the dough.
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
“Not if you’re a vampire.”
Amused, he walked over to the booth of superheroes, checked out Clare. She made one
hell of a Storm of the X-Men, he decided, in a white punk-style wig and snug black skirt
and thigh-high boots.

The Next Always

Aug 29, 2019

Rekindled romances are so intense

He wasn't the young man who had once loved her. Nor was she the same
woman. They were more patient now. They didn't tumble onto the bed,
but lowered slowly, knowing each moment was precious when so many had
been lost.
And yet, though they had changed, their bodies moved easily together.
When she reached for him the years seemed to vanish.

Public Secrets 


By Виктория Злых - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The psychology of why rekindled romances are so intense

Last month, the New York Times’ Modern Love column told the tale of two romantic relationships that ended and were then rekindled many years later. The author’s romance first ended when her boyfriend lost the piece of paper with her address and had no other way of contacting her. When they saw each other again after 20 years, she writes, “Our long-lost love was still there.”


It was a very subdued Rogan who left his grandmother's parlor and
swung by the gallery just past closing. He didn't want to believe he'd
seen what he knew he'd seen. Just as Maggie had once said, when a
couple is intimate, they throw off signals.
His grandmother, for God's sake, was flirting with Maggie's
moon-faced uncle from Galway.

Born in Fire

Aug 27, 2019

Ways your parents' behaviors shaped who you are today

When she'd run out of steam, Stella rubbed her hands over her face. "Goddamn it."
"That's a lot of bitching, whining, and venom to pack into a quarter of an hour. 
She sounds like a very talented woman."
It took Stella a minute—a minute where she let her hands slide into her lap 
so she could stare into Roz's face. Then she let her own head fall back 
with a peal of laughter.
"Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, she's loaded with talent. Thanks."
"No problem. My mama spent most of her time—at least the time 
we were on earth together—sighing wistfully over her health. Not 
that she meant to complain, so she said. I very nearly put that on her 
tombstone. 'Not That I Mean to Complain.'"
"I could put 'I Don't Ask for Much' on my mother's."
"There you go. Mine made such an impression on me that I went 
hell-bent in the opposite direction. I could probably cut off a limb, 
and you wouldn't hear a whimper out of me."
"God, I guess I've done the same with mine. 
I'll have to think about that later." 

Blue Dahlia


By Humyra khandoker - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Whether your parents were your best friends or you barely knew them, 
your relationship with Mom and Dad had an impact on who you are today.

Aug 23, 2019

Brazil's Amazon rainforest is burning

Dobie pulled a smashed sandwich out of his bag, 
looked up at the towering columns of smoke and flame. 
“Biggest I’ve ever seen.”
“She’s a romper,” Rowan agreed, “but you know what they say 
about Alaska. 
Everything’s bigger. 
Fuel up. We’ve got a long way to go.”

Chasing Fire 


Public Domain,

Fires are raging at a record rate in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, and scientists warn that it could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change.

The fires are burning at the highest rate since the country's space research center, the National Institute for Space Research (known by the abbreviation INPE), began tracking them in 2013, the center said Tuesday.

Aug 21, 2019

Oh 👶

“Can we say baby shower? A double-the-fun theme,” Hope decided. 
“Or what comes
in pairs, sets of two. Something like that. 
I’ll work on it. We should schedule it in early
October, just to be safe.”
“Baby shower.” Clare sighed. “More and more real.” 

The Perfect Hope


Host a Baby Shower Everyone Will Love

A baby shower  is all about celebrating the mama-to-be,
and what better way to do that than with a fat slice of cake and
a cup of baby shower punch?


"Mrs. Haggerty? Our Mrs. Haggerty was there?"
"Not only, but she won the song title game. You have to write down the most song titles with 'baby' in it.
You'll never guess one she wrote down."
"Okay. I give."
"'Baby Got Back.'"
Now he grinned. "Get out. Mrs. Haggerty wrote down a rap song?"
"Then rapped it."
"Now you're lying."
"She did. Or at least a couple lines. I nearly peed my pants."

Blue Dahlia

Aug 19, 2019

Healing Stones

"You're interested in crystals?"
"I could be." Idly he picked up a hunk of amethyst. "But I flunked my earth
science course in high school."
"I don't think you'll be graded here." She nodded toward the stone he held. "If
you want to get in touch with your inner self, you should hold it in your left



Top Healing Stones and Their Characteristics

Gemstones are Mother Nature's natural healers and are a delight to give and receive. By gifting someone with a crystal, you are also offering healing. There are hundreds of different types of stones to choose from, and exploring them and discovering the perfect gemstone for you can be fun.


"Breathe." Ana's voice was gentle as she placed crystals over Morgana's belly.

They hovered in the air, gleaming with an unearthly light that Mel 
tried to take in stride.