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He wanted nothing rigid or forbidding about
the room. Between the two tall windows he'd set a huge, festive, 
ornamental lemon tree in a brass pot. A gift from his parents. They
always knew what suited him best, he thought, smiling 
as he trailed a fingertip over a glossy leaf.
He'd already arranged the seating area. A long, take-a-nap sofa 
in cheerful blue, a pair of wide chairs, low tables that invited the
occupants to put up their feet and relax. Naomi had helped him
choose the lamps, he recalled—the charming die-cut tin shades, the
romantic globes—on one of their shopping forays.
The stately pewter candlesticks that graced the mantel were 
heirlooms, housewarming gifts from his grandparents. 
The bronze-colored
mums that stood in a Wedgwood vase between them 
had come out of his own garden.
There was a great deal of himself in the room, Ian realized. 
And pieces of those he loved.

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Let these cozy n…

This Is What Playfulness Does To Your Relationship

"You can work eight, twelve hours a day," Parks continued. 
"You can enjoy your job, be terrific at what you do,  but you still need to throw a Frisbee now and again." "Frisbee?" This brought on a baffled laugh that pleased him.  The hands on his shoulders relaxed. "What are you talking about?" ''Fun, Brooke. A sense of the ridiculous, laziness, riding Ferris wheels.  All those things that make working worthwhile." She had the uncomfortable feeling she was being expertly  led away from the subject at hand.  "What does riding a Ferris wheel have to do with you and me making love?"

Rules Of The Game


Peter Drier [CC BY 2.0 (]

I’ll be the first to admit, well, maybe not the first, but I’m admitting it anyway:  it’s not that easy to be playful. Even when I know that playfulness and fun bring more harmony,  delight, surprises and loving kindness in my relationship.  Even science c…

How to find awe in everyday things

“Look, the sun’s coming up.” Laura stirred and opened her eyes. Through the window she could see the curve of the eastern sky. If she looked hard enough she could see the water of the bay, like a mist in the distance. The sun seemed to vibrate as it rose. And the echoes brought colors: pinks, mauves, golds. Softly at first, with the darker night sky still dominating above, the colors spread, then deepened. Pinks became reds, vibrant and glowing. “Sometimes your paintings are like that,” she thought aloud. “Changing, shifting angles, with the colors intensifying from the core to the edges.” She nestled her head against his shoulder as they watched the new day dawn. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful sunrise.”

Gabriel's Angel


By Terry Lucas - Imported from 500px (archived version) by the  Archive Team. (detail page), CC BY 3.0,

You don't have to scale Everest to reap the benefits of wonder.

The word &quo…

New Haircuts to Get You Excited for Fall

She looked amazing. Every time he saw her was another kick in the gut.  “You cut your hair.” “Yeah.” She lifted her hand to the short cap  with long, spiky bangs. “I had some time, and it was driving me crazy. What do you think?” “It looks good on you.” Everything did.  It set off those smoky eyes that matched the smoky voice.

The Perfect Hope


OK, so the back-to-school blues may be no fun, but there’s no denying that there’s something so invigorating about the fall. The air turns crisp, the leaves change color, you bust out the cozy scarves, and pumpkin spice everything. And what better way to mark this fresh start than with a new fall haircut? Not only is it an easy way to change up your look, but it’s also a great opportunity to snip off dead ends and undo any summer-induced damage that’s taken a toll on your tresses.

Real Simple


"I'm getting my hair cut." "Going all the way to Jackson for a haircut?" Fist loyalty had him frow…

🥂 Happy


Birthday 🍸

"Happy birthday."
The sweetness of the gesture made up for being caught off guard, 
as she rarely was. 
Mia's smile bloomed —absolute delight. "Thank you. Cake?" 
She lifted a brow as she picked up a flute.
 "Mimosas, and presents."

Dance Upon The Air


Never Celebrate Anything Again Without Birthday Cake Mimosas

Whether it's actually your birthday or you just want to
get drunk off of cake, sprinkles,  and rosé
— birthday cake mimosas are here for you.


Georgia O’Keeffe

"Could be we've got a thief with what you could call an eclectic taste in art.  Me, I like that Georgia O'Keeffe stuff. It's bright, looks like what it is.  I appreciate your time."



By Georgia O'Keeffe - High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Public Domain,

Beautiful flowers or provocative anatomy?
A traveling exhibition is willing to talk about something else already.

Double Scoop

Lighthouses in all their windswept beauty and grandeur

The lighthouse was a wide sphere of white, solitary and strong  against the elements. Perhaps it was worn and a bit weather-beaten  in places, but it held a simple power that remained timeless and real.  It seemed a good place to shelter from any storm.

All the Possibilities


From California to New Zealand via England, the world's most Instagrammable lighthouses in all their windswept beauty and grandeur

 Though they no longer need a keeper on-site, many lighthouses are still in use as navigational aids Some have been turned into museums and even boutique hotels with hard-to-beat views The USA is home to more lighthouses than any other country and here we present some of the most striking



And the way the lighthouse stood there, solid, indomitable. The whitewash was faded here and  there, the concrete blocks pockmarked with time and salt spray. That only added to  the humanity of it. Man’s strike for safety against the mercurial sea. Ther…

Art Can Improve Your Room Design

The pretty plants and
bland pastel paintings on matte-white walls didn't hide the fact
that law was the order here. The carpet was a muted gray, the
deeper-toned chairs in the waiting area were likely just the wrong
side of comfortable.
"We wouldn't want people to be at their ease now, would we?" she
thought bitterly.

The Pride of Jared MacKade


Artwork can bring together the elements of a room by 
being a focal point,  a color inspiration, a harmonizer 
and more

Photo by Horchow - More living room photos

Artwork can often make or break a space. 



She stopped by a landscape, all rocky hills and trees gone violent with autumn. "This one," she decided. "He needs this one where that horrible white-orchid still life is hanging." "I'd have thought you'd go for the orchids." When Regan turned, her eyes narrowed blandly, Savannah smiled fully 
for the first time. "Yeah, I can see I'd have been wrong."…

Embrace the sweet art of 'doing nothing'

Lilah wasn't ashamed of the fact that she would rather sit than stand,  would certainly rather walk than run and saw the value of long naps  as opposed to exercise for keeping the body and mind in tune. Not that she wasn't ambitious. It was simply that  her ambitions ran to the notion that physical comfort had priority over  physical accomplishments.

For The Love of Lilah


By Geraint Owen from Llundain/London via Bangor a Caerdydd/Kierdiff - Paradwys, CC BY 2.0,

"Maybe you sit and read a book. Maybe you stare out the window or balcony and listen to your favorite musician. Maybe you learn how to whistle … What can you do today to begin doing nothing?"
Those are big, important questions worth pondering. If only you were in a pondering mood. But let's embrace la dolce far niente — and take a nap instead.

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He could hear the funeral tones of Mozart's Requiem coming from the parlor. If Miranda was playing that, he knew the trip hadn't gone well. He found her curled up in a chair in front of the fire, bundled into  her favored gray cashmere robe, sipping tea from their grandmother's best china. All of her comfort tools, he noted, neatly in place.



By Aman.the.dark - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It might not be a concept we’re familiar with nor might we know what
sorts of things might soothe us, but at times when we feel particularly anxious
or distressed, self-soothing can be a useful part of our mental health toolkit.