Jan 20, 2021

Best Pressure Points to Treat Headaches


“Pay attention. Pay attention to the points I’m pressing. I need you to do this for me when I’m

done. Are you hearing me?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He could hear her, nagging at him, while his head fucking exploded. Like

drilling holes in the back of his neck with her fingers was going to . . .

The pain eased from hot, stabbing knives to a dull misery. 

And when she took his hand, pressing,

pressing on the web between his thumb and forefinger, 

the misery downshifted to annoying ache.

The Pagan Stone


By Jose Navarro - https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonavi/37509663536/in/photolist-Z9AQ9Q-XKWMmC-oX6s8F-m5bt3s-7n4MH9-6chpd-XKWMvq-7Swvfb-9ef5n1-24GAJut-c3Gm4o-dsFSCq-ogyP8L-nX1W7y-21YTgZU-2hYy4TM-54cb7f-2hiTBHE-JQXMXq-2gTmtuG-2h5RvAM-chnocy-uh4B5-SCRAWH-4mtmNu-24mW3Eo-8gRm8b-229B8Ch-8daNqn-4FVobe-JEeqx-cmVtij-6z9EJA-poEku-q7WzHc-2nrCDM-dkH41d-2sCRX3-fobWwC-2nw2db-2syuz4-d3X8cN-8py4hy-bvFPKQ-5sSPHp-574kYr-bEsvgJ-5mtDYG-KvNaa-a51GCe, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=87274666

Experiencing the pain and discomfort of a headache is incredibly common. If you’re looking for a more natural way to treat your headache, you may want to think about acupressure and pressure points.

Pressure points are parts of the body believed to be extra sensitive, able to stimulate relief in the body. Practitioners of reflexology, a discipline of Chinese medicine, believe that touching pressure points in a certain way can:


  • improve your health
  • ease pain
  • restore balance in the body


Jan 18, 2021

Beauty Lessons from Grandma


“Grandma.” With a sigh, Laurel bent to kiss her. “Will you never grow old?”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Her voice was raspy with age and stunningly

sensual. “You’re the same,” she continued, taking Laurel’s hand in her strong, dry one.




 Her worldly style was accessorized with a scarf and a smile.

Southern Living


Despite the lines time had etched, her face was beautiful in the moonlight. The hand

under his was dry with age. And strong. “Miss Olivia, where can I find another like you?”

“You’ve got one under your nose, you slow-witted Yankee.” She settled back in her

chair with a little sound of pleasure.


Jan 11, 2021

The Creation of a Bronze Sculpture

Simone inspected every inch of the investment casting over the wax mold. 
She’d done the wax chasing, using delicate tools for minute scraping, 
hot tools for filling in imperfections. She studied it now, and deemed it ready. 

Shelter in Place



And the pour—that moment of truth—always enthralled her. Those quick movements of workers moving in unison, the fluid flow of deep, glowing gold like melted sunlight. 
Inside the shell, her work, her art, her vision filled with that melted sunlight. 
The negative became positive, and the symbol and study of the man she’d come to love would be born.

Shelter in Place 

Nov 11, 2020

Outdoor Christmas Decorating

Natasha stood outside the front door as the snow fell. There were lights strung 
along the roof and around the posts. She wondered how
they would look when they were lighted. There was a full-size 
Santa on the door, his load of presents making him bend from the waist.
She remembered the witch that had stood there on Halloween.

Taming Natasha


Make the outside of your home as ready for the holiday season as the inside with these outdoor Christmas decorating ideas.

Nov 6, 2020



A man didn't forget that face. God knows, he hadn't. Timeless. In one of his

youthful fantasies, he'd imagined her as a princess, lost and lovely in flowing silks.

And himself as the knight who would have slain a hundred dragons to have her.

Suzanna's Surrender


Baby, I can see your halo

You know you're my saving grace


Oct 28, 2020

Group Halloween Costume Ideas


Amused, he walked over to the booth of superheroes, checked out Clare. She made one hell of a Storm of the X-Men, he decided, in a white punk-style wig and snug black skirt and thigh-high boots.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I’m looking for three boys. They’re about this high.” He used his hand to measure like steps. “They go by Harry, Liam, and Murphy.”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t seen them. I’m Storm, and these are my friends and coworkers, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Deadpool.”

The Next Always


From macabre to adorable, here are some fun and creative group costume ideas for Halloween — no matter how you and your crew celebrate this year.

Family Handyman