Oct 13, 2017

Book Nooks

"I keep them here and there around the house, so if you're in the mood, you don't have to go far.

 A book's a pleasant thing to have nearby."

Born in Shame


Put the beach reads away; these comfy spaces are creating a fall reading list. What books do they suggest to you?


My suggestions of Nora Novels for each of these rooms:

The Search 
(Fiona's Home once she tears that kitchen wall down. 
The suggested solarium turned into a reading nap and cuddle nook)

A good, generous window would give you a view into the woods.
Maybe wide-planked floors. You’d have room for a table if you wanted an alternate to eating in the


The Return of Rafe MacKade
(Rafe's home)

"Faintly the scent of paint stirred in the air. But she thought the room was
waiting to be lived in."

Once More with Feeling
(Brand's home in Cornwall)

"Raven had felt an instant affinity for the house, She liked the muffled
roar of the sea outside her window and the breathtaking view."

Home for Christmas
(Jason's home)

""Hong Kong." The widow pursed her lips as she arranged cookies on a plate. "You've been to all your
places, Jason. Were they as exciting as you thought?""

Sacred Sins
(Teresa's home)

"It was a room that reflected the senator’s background and, Ben realized, Tess’s.
Comfortable wealth, a knowledge of art and style."

For Now, Forever
(Daniel MacGregor's home, before Anna)

"The first time I walked into the bedroom, I saw how little of yourself was there."

Chasing Fire
(Ella's Home)

"It was big, he noted, and all open so one space sort of spilled casually into the next. He didn’t
know much—or anything, really—about decorating, but it felt like it looked. Bright, happy,

Northern Lights
(Meg's Home)

"The position of the pillows and
throw on the sofa told him she'd had a nap in front of the fire at some point."


Born in Shame
(Murphy's Home)

"He explained the raftered
ceiling, and the little room off the right where his mother still liked
to sew when she came to visit."


(Ruth's bedroom at Seth's home)

"Two days later Ruth sat on the couch, a child on each side of her. She read aloud from one of Justin's books. Nijinsky dozed in a patch of sunlight on the floor. She was feeling more settled.
She should have known that she would find exactly what she had needed at the Cliff House."

True Betrayals
(Gabe's Home)

"She followed him through a wide arch into a living area. This too opened into another room
through archways. Glass doors invited the night inside."

(Naomi's home)

"“You don’t want all your books in one
place anyway. We should scatter some

Born in Shame
(a reading nook for Shannon's bedroom at Brie's home)

"The room was more than anything Shannon could have expected.
Wide and airy with a charming window seat set under the sloping

Second Nature
(Hunter's home)

"She hadn't expected anything so, well, normal in Hunter Brown's home. The living room
was airy, sunny in the afternoon light. Cheerful. Yes, Lee realized, that was precisely the
word that came to mind. No shadowy corners or locked doors."


For The Love of Lilah
(Lilah's Books&Naps' Nook)

"She liked long naps, classical music and her aunt's elaborate desserts. When
the mood struck her, she could sit, sprawled in a chair, prodding little details of his
life from him. Or she could curl up in a sunbeam like a cat, blocking him and
everything else around her out of her thoughts while she drifted into one of her private


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