Jun 6, 2018

How to Design Your Garden for More Meaning and Connection

She gestured, waited until he stopped looking into her eyes, followed her direction. 
“You’ve got a couple of rosebushes over there. You should dig them up. 
Make sure you get good root balls, cover them with burlap, 
and take them to your mother. 
I bet your sister would know how to get them going again. 
It would mean something to your mother.”
In his throat, emotion lodged with gratitude. 
“There are times I don’t know what to say to you. Times you just blow a hole through me.”
He drew her in, held on. “I’ll dig them up,” he told her. 
“She’ll like that, and I wouldn’t have
thought of it.”
“You might have.”
“I’d throw it all out,” he stated, looking over her head at what might’ve been his. 
“That’s the wrong way. There’s some of those daffodils trying to come up on
the side of the house. I could dig them up, too. 
Savannah always liked those when we were kids.” 

Come Sundown


Gardens can connect us to the natural world in meaningful ways, whether we’re plucking the first ripe berries of the season or pausing to watch wild birds flit through foliage. While we most often talk about the nuts and bolts of landscape design — the shrubs, pathways and irrigation systems that make them work — let’s take a moment to explore the less tangible ways we can design our gardens to foster connection with nature.


She trailed off, stopped. “There’s a bench,” she murmured. “There’s a
beautiful bench exactly where I wanted one.”
“That’s your surprise. Welcome home, Abigail.”
Her vision blurred as she stepped forward to run her hands over the smooth curve of the back, the arms. 
It looked like a log, hollowed out, polished to a satiny gleam, and on the middle of the back was a carved heart with the initials A.L. and B.G. in the center.
“Oh. Brooks.”
“Corny, I know, but—”
“No, it’s not! That’s a stupid word. I prefer romantic.”
“So do I.”
“It’s a beautiful surprise. Thank you. Thank you.” She threw her arms around him.
“You’re welcome, but I get to sit on it, too.”

The Witness

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