Dec 6, 2017

"Put the ring on Alex, before it strikes twelve."

"That is heritage." And she could accept it. "We’re so different," she said, half to herself. 
"You speak of heritage and you mean centuries of responsibility and tradition. 
When I think of it, I think of my father’s business and the headache someone’s going to be saddled with one day. Or I think of my mother’s Faberge bowl. 
Heritage for me, and I suppose for most Americans, is tangible. 
You can hold it in your hand. 
For you it’s more nebulous, but a hundred times more binding." 
For several moments he said nothing. 
She couldn’t know how deeply her words, her empathy had affected him.

Command Performance


By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

American Women Who Became Princesses

Meghan Markle is the latest in a long line of American girls
who've captivated a foreign royal.



Looking down, she saw the ring glow against her finger. A promise. A lifetime.
"I love you, and nothing's ever been more true." 
"Share my home." He caught her ring hand in his and pressed his lips to the palm. 
"And my family." She twined her fingers with his. "Yes." 
"And my duty."
"From this moment." She wrapped her arms around him.

The Playboy Prince

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