Dec 7, 2017

“Can you show me another trick?”

 Luke tore the paper in two and had the pleasure of seeing Nate’s eyes widen.
 “It disappeared! The pen’s been disappeared.”
 “Absolutely.” Unable to resist the flourish, Luke held up his hands, turning them,
 back to front and back again. His son’s bug-eyed belief made him feel like a king. 

Honest Illusions


You might think that having the multitalented Neil Patrick Harris as a dad means constant entertainment. He acts! He sings! He does magic!
But Harris revealed Monday in a Build Series NYC interview that he only puts on his magician’s hat — so to speak — for Harper and Gideon, the 7-year-old twins he shares with husband David Burtka, “here and there.” It’s certainly not a constant magic show or anything.

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