Dec 8, 2017

“It’s the story that matters.”

Dear husband isn't (fully) into Midnight Bayou... yet... he says I sent him from Laura (Templeton), whom he seems to have a crush on, to the middle of the jungle... no idea why he says this... I'll have to reread MB to learn what he's talking about.

Midnight Bayou's a book in the maybe-some-day-when-I-grow-up-shelf for years. I couldn't go beyond the first pages. Too intense for me. So I put it aside;  besides at the time I still had dozens of Nora books to go through. One day I put my grown-up-and-face-the-life's pants and in two days I read it. And Loved it. 

I was a bit afraid to give it to my husband, bearing in mind my own reaction to the first read of it. But I'm running out of Portuguese versions of Nora Novels and it was  either Midnight Bayou or Homeport. 

I'm planning to give him books on Christmas. 

I'm thinking of Key trilogy which I still don't have in Portuguese. 

Win win situation:  a Christmas Gift that he'll really like and enjoy and my collection keeps growing.

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