Dec 4, 2017

Creative Christmas Tree Themes

There, before the wide windows that opened onto a view of the cliffs, the Christmas tree soared, fifteen feet of glossy pine, every bough and branch heavy with ornaments and twinkling with lights.
It would stay lit, day and night, until Epiphany.
Beneath it were mountains of gifts. At midnight, following family tradition, there would be a minor riot of ripping and laughing and love.
Most of all love, she thought. No matter how they fought, no matter how much noise and confusion there was, this house was always filled with love.
And how she hated to think of Royce alone on Christmas Eve.
"I don't know how they do it," Caine said from behind her. He stepped up, laying his hands on her shoulders to rub. "Every year they manage to find the perfect tree. Ever since I was a boy, there's been a tree right there at Christmas. And it's always been the perfect tree."

The MacGregor Brides - Laura 


Whether coastal, snow-covered, or Charlie Brown-approved, 
these Christmas tree theme ideas are sure
to make your home all the more merry.


As he crept downstairs, Seth saw they'd left the tree on. He'd never seen anything like it. Anna had wanted a real one, and in Seth's opinion, Anna ruled.

So they'd hauled in this big pine, and the guys had grumbled about stringing lights. But Seth knew they'd liked it. Now it was loaded with what seemed like a thousand ornaments, and presents with big bows and miles of ribbon were stacked under it.

Some of them had his name on them.

Probably dopey stuff like underwear and socks, he told himself, struggling against the sheer thrill of seeing those brightly wrapped boxes sparkle under the lights. Like they belonged there.

Like he belonged there.

The Quinn's Christmas

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