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Bring Out Your Inner Artist

But she was already moving in, eyes wide and delighted. 
"You're an artist. This is wonderful. You sculpt."
The single room was nearly as big as the main area of the cottage. And much more cramped. A
worktable stood in the center, crowded with tools and hunks of stone, pots of clay. A half dozen sketch pads were tossed around. Shelves and smaller tables were jammed with examples of his work. Mystical, magical creatures that danced and flew.
A blue mermaid combed her hair on a rock. A white dragon breathed fire. Faeries no bigger than her thumb ringed in a circle with faces sly. A sorcerer nearly as tall as she, held his arms high and wept. 
"They're all so alive, so vivid." She couldn't help herself, she had to touch, and so she ran her finger down the rippling hair of the mermaid.

Ever After


See how fine artists, writers and other creatives make room for their talents to roam free

Photo by Sarah Greenman - Discover farmhouse living room desi…

People Who Hate Working Out Are More Intelligent

"I guess the bastard elliptical is doing its job. How do you keep in shape?" "I use the gym three or four times a week, play basketball, that sort of thing." She sent him a slitted-eye, accusatory stare. "I bet you like it. The gym." "Yeah, I do." "So does Parker. I think you're both sick." "Keeping in shape is sick?" "No, liking what goes into keeping in shape is sick. I get doing it, but it should be considered a chore, a duty, a necessary evil."

Bed of Roses 


By Gesundheitshuette - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Those with a steadfast commitment to the couch potato lifestyle may be onto something after all. According to a new study published in the Sage Journal of Health Psychology, people who will find any excuse to skip the gym have higher levels of a trait called “need for cognition,” or a “tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful cognitive endeavors…

Beans & Rice

"They're wrong. You know that, Dec. You're not tossing anything aside. 
You're just picking up something different. Relax and enjoy it.  You're in New Orleans now, or close enough. We take things easy here.  We'll wear some of that Yankee off you soon enough. 
Have you doing the Cajun two-step and  stirring up some red beans and rice on wash day."

Midnight Bayou


New Orleans Red Beans And Rice

This classic New Orleans dish is easy and delicious. Sliced andouille sausage adds another dimension of flavor to the standard red beans and rice.


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

"See that water boils full before you pour it," she added. 
"Most Yanks never can get a decent pot of tea made." 

Three Fates


By Afghanistan Matters from Brunssum, Netherlands (Not Just a Cup of Tea  Uploaded by GiW) [CC BY 2.0 
(], via Wikimedia Commons

George Orwell’s 11 Golden Rules

After the recently examined history of how coffee changed the world, the most democratic thing to do would be to offer those of us who prefer tea a comparable treat — and what would be more appropriate than a reading of George Orwell’s his secret to the perfect cup of tea? The passage, which discusses “one of the most controversial parts of all” — the matter of the milk — is part of his altogether fantastic 1945 essay “A Nice Cup of Tea,”


Why Introverts Make The Best Leaders

She looked at him, then at Cleo. "Yes, I guess I do, but I intend to research if insanity runs in my family. There’s a pull-out sofa in my office here. You can use that tonight."
"It isn’t free," she told Gideon and lifted the tea tray. 
"From this point on, I stop being a tool and become an active participant in this little ... quest."
Cleo smiled as Tia carted the tray into the living room.  "Translated, Slick, the doc just informed you she’s your fucking partner."
"Yes, I did. Lemon or sugar?"

Three Fates


By r2hox from Madrid, Spain (Revolution Woman) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When you think about a successful leader, I’m sure a reserved,  unassuming introvert is not what popped into your head. 



"You never stumbled, Tia." Standing behind her, Malachi laid his hands on her shoulders.  "You’ve …

Gone... Vacations!

Ryan lay baking in the strong sun. There was an itch in the center of her back, 
but she didn't move to scratch it. 
She lay still and let the heat soak into her skin. She had spent a week on board her father's yacht off the coast of St. Croix.

This Magic Moment


Being Nora Bound goes to the Beach, to the Mountain, and to... Everywhere (which is my favorite place of all).
I will be back soon... lots of reading to catch up, family to cuddle to, myself to meet and find.
Wishing you - if that's the case - wonderful vacations or just happy and awesome days. Until we "meet" again...


For days now she had lain in the sun, swam and kept her mind a blank. 
She hadn't even gone back to her apartment after the taping. 
She had arrived in St. Croix with the clothes on her back. 
Whatever she needed she bought on the island. 
She spoke to no one but the crew and sent no messages back to the States. 
For a week she simply slipped off the face …

You’re Welcome

She dipped into the bag and pulled out a gold foiled candy box. "For Mom." "Oh." Rachel's eyes took on the glow a woman's get when she looks at a lover—or a five-pound box of exclusive chocolates. "I think you just became my best friend." Chuckling, Bess dug into the bags again. "Well, I know that people tend to drop by with baby gifts." She held out a box wrapped in snowy white with bright red lollipops scattered over it. "And, though I couldn't resist the tradition, I figured you deserved something really sinful for yourself." "I do." 

Convincing Alex

By Shinji - Amazonのギフト包装, CC BY 2.0,
11 Utterly Perfect Thank-You Gift Ideas For Every Occasion
You can never go wrong with these.


Gage considered a minute. “You guys are idiots. The appropriate Glad You Didn’t Die token is a hooker and a bottle of Jack.”
“We couldn’t find a h…

Transform Women Into Modern-Day Mermaids

He risked a glance, relieved she’d covered everything. “Mermaid fashion?”
“Yes. We like adornments, too.”

Bay of Sighs


Dazzling Crowns Adorned with Seashells

Floral crowns may be a staple for festivals and whimsical parties, but Chelsea Shiels is taking the world by storm with her mermaid-inspired, seashell-encrusted headdresses. 
The glittering designs are loaded with small conch shells, crystals, and gold accents that will make anyone wearing them feel like Princess Ariel. 
Shiels beautifully integrates her different findings, mixing and matching colors and textures to create multifaceted, wearable works of art that have a modern, bohemian vibe.


"My Baby Just Cares for Me" ~ Happy Ever After

Finally, she assured somebody named Michael that both he and his fiancé, Vince,  still had time to learn to swing dance, and rattled off the name and  number of a dance instructor.

Happy Ever After



“Got it. Now, why do Michael and Vince need to swing dance?” 

“They're getting married in February, and finally decided on a Big Band-era theme.They're wearing zoot suits and spats.” 

He took a moment to absorb it. “You're not kidding.” 

“No, and I happen to think it'll be fun. So naturally, they want to swing, and particularly well for their first dance.” 

“Who leads? That's a serious question,” he said when she gave him a bland stare. “Somebody has to.” 

“They can flip a coin, I suppose, or leave it to the instructor. I think Vinnie because Michael's the one who's worried about it, and Vinnie's pretty gung-ho.”

Happy Ever After