Apr 20, 2018

Home Happiness test

Professionally, her life was besieged by problems, pain, frustrations. 
To compensate, she kept her private world organized and simple. 
Because she’d grown up with the cushion of
wealth and education, she took the Matisse print on her wall and the Baccarat crystal on
the table as a matter of course. 
She preferred clean lines and pastels, but now and again
found herself drawn to something jarring, like the abstract oil in vivid strokes and
arrogant colors over her table. 
She understood her need for the harsh as well as the soft,
and was content. One of her top priorities was to remain content.

Sacred Sins


By Alan Light - Living room, CC BY 2.0, 

Are you a ‘home wrestler’ or a ‘home warrior’? 

Take Sarah's test to see how much you love your home and what you could do to it to make you happier!

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