Mar 14, 2018

For Now, Forever

He remembered more than the accident now. 
He remembered Anna leaning over him, talking, reassuring him as he was being wheeled on a gurney down the hospital corridor. 
He remembered the fear he'd read in her eyes, 
and before he slipped into unconsciousness, his one moment of blind, naked terror 
that he was being taken away from her. 
Oddly, he thought he remembered looking down at himself from somewhere
 while doctors and nurses scrambled around. 
Then it seemed he'd been sucked back into his body, 
but the sensation was too vague to pinpoint. 

For Now, Forever


By Alexander P Kapp, CC BY-SA 2.0,


They found that even five minutes after a person's heart stops beating their brain cells, or neurons, may still function.

But a wave of 'spreading depression' marked the moment that these neurons shutdown before their final, irreversible death.

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