Feb 16, 2018

With his eyes half-closed, he imagined… the endless sweep of stars, the pure black of space, the beautiful symmetry of orbiting moons and planets. "Don't you ever think about the worlds up there, just out of reach?"

 There was the vastness of space, seductive and compelling. 
There were stars, clusters of them, and what was surely a distant planet. 
There was a blackness, an absolute blackness, that spread for miles. 
The ship seemed to be hurtling toward it. 

Time Was



He believed in chance, in the purest sense of the word—the unpredictable possibility of existence.
 He was here now to prove it. In addition to his calculations, 
the technology at his command, his knowledge and his computations, 
he needed one element that any explorer required for success. 
He was alone now in the vast, silent sea of space, beyond the traffic patterns, 
beyond the last charted quadrant. There was an intimacy here between man and his dreams 
that could never be achieved in a laboratory. 

Times Change

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