Jan 22, 2018

let's all encourage each other

"A woman doesn't want to be told she looks nice," 
Jude muttered as she sat down beside Maude's grave. 
"She wants to be told she's beautiful, sexy. That she looks outrageous. It doesn't matter if it's not true." 
She sighed and laid the flowers against the headstone. 
"Because for the moment, when the words are said and the words are heard, it's perfect truth." 

Jewels of the Sun


By Anonymous Dissident - Own work, Public Domain, 

18 Unexpected Compliments Every Woman Wants to Hear


"Would you take them as they're offered from the man who knows he holds your heart, or would you rather the words?" 

Dazzled, she lifted her head. The fire and spark still sheened her vision, but she saw how dark, how fiercely intent was his gaze as he studied her. She said the first thing that came into her head, because it seemed the only thing. 

"What are the words?" 

And he sighed, long and deep, his proud shoulders slumping, his eyes going soft and sad. 
"So it's true, then, they matter so much."

Jewels of the Sun

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