Jan 20, 2018

Artist Surprises Girlfriend

 He tapped one of the sketches. 
"Thats her. Thats you, Cilla. Just the way I see you."



Artist Surprises Girlfriend with Illustrations of Them Together in 10 Different Cartoon Styles

Minnesota-based character artist and graphic designer Kells O'Hickey decided to use his drawing skills to make a creative gift for his girlfriend, Lindsay. His illustrations depict portraits of the couple in the style of 10 of their favorite cartoons. From Disney to anime, the thoughtful drawings showcase the talented artist’s diverse drawing skills.


She took the paper back from him and stuck it in her pocket. It was something she intended to keep forever. 
“You’ve used me rather lavishly in your work recently.” 
She had to tilt back her head in order to keep her eyes level with his. Grant thought she looked more regal than ever. If she turned her thumb down, she could throw him to the lions.  
“Didn’t it occur to you to ask permission first?”
“Artist’s privilege.”

One Man's Art

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