Dec 31, 2017

Finger Food for New Year's Eve

With a sigh of pure sensual greed, Shelby popped a chilled shrimp into her mouth. 
"I don't know what this is," she murmured, giving a tiny hors d'oeuvre a close study. "Have a taste and tell me." 
Intrigued, Alan bit into the finger food she held to his mouth. 
"Pate wrapped in pastry with a touch of chestnut." 
"Hmm. Okay." Shelby devoured the rest of it. 

All the Possibilities


Holiday Appetizer Buffet Recipes

Ranging from elegant seafood nibbles to hearty picks like meatballs, hot dips, and deviled eggs, these Christmas appetizer recipes were chosen specifically for this season's most festive gatherings. Find finger buffet ideas for easygoing holiday nibbles-and-sips parties, Christmas appetizer ideas to kick off a grand holiday feast, and more ways to irresistibly celebrate the season, bite by bite.


“With a little class. I made fancy hors d‟oeuvres.” 
“Pigs in a blanket?”
 When she laughed, tossing back her head the way she did, he poked her. 
“I like pigs in a blanket.” 
“You‟re not getting them tonight.” 

Happy Ever After

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