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"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."

He glanced over, studied a small group of people on the opposite side of the street. They were decked in flowing robes and weighed down with silver chains and crystal pendants.
“Amateurs,” he commented. “They’re harmless.” “We could call up a storm, turn the street into a meadow. Give them a real thrill.”

Face the Fire


The history of Halloween
By Cindy - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Missing 42 Years

In her mind, Alice had stayed the pretty, wild-natured young girl who’d run off to be a movie star. That pretty young girl, and all the stages of that girl before that day. The little girl in frilly dresses and cowboy boots. The fretful baby she’d rocked late at night. The defiant teenager, the child who’d crawled into bed with her seeking comfort from a bad dream. The woman in the bed with the bruised face, the dull and graying hair, the hard lines dug in around her mouth and eyes bore little resemblance to those precious images. Still, Cora thought, she recognized her daughter.

Come Sundown


Police Find Woman Missing 42 Years — But Mystery Remains

Police have "solved" a decades-old missing person case — but the woman who vanished so long ago now has dementia and can't explain her own disappearance.



“Every once in a while something—someone—peeks out from the trauma.”

Come Sundown

“To own, Mr. DiCarlo, is everything.”

“Do you collect?” “In a manner of speaking.” He set the figurine down and his old, shrewd eyes swept the display, pricing, cataloging, dismissing. “I’m Tom Ashworth. Got a shop here in Front Royal.” He took a business card from his breast pocket and offered it to Dora. “Accumulated so much stuff over the years, it was open a shop or buy a bigger house.”

Hidden Riches


By Glenda Green - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

17 Things You Won’t Believe People Actually Collect


“People collect, Skimmerhorn. Often they don’t even realize it. Didn’t you ever have marbles as a boy, or comic books, baseball cards?” “Sure.” He’d had to hide them, but he’d had them. She lined the box with tissue, working quickly, competently. “And didn’t you ever trade your cards?” She glanced up to find him staring down at her hands. “Sure I did,” he murmured. His gaze lifted, locked on hers. He’d felt something watching her work that had gone…

Nora saw it coming

Fahid studied the matawain who shouted at the lone woman and shoved her roughly out of the suq. He disapproved of such things, but he was not yet king. "It is sometimes difficult to find the balance between what is best in your world and what is best in my own. If Jaquir is to survive more progress, more compromise will be necessary. The laws of Islam cannot change, the traditions of men must."

Sweet Revenge


Saudi Arabia's crown prince promises to lead his country 'back to moderate Islam'


He was dead tired, and happy as hell to be home at last. The final leg of the journey had seemed interminable. Being on American soil again after six months hadn't been enough. When Nathan had landed in New York, the first real flood of impatience had struck. He was home, yet not home. 
For the first time in months he had allowed himself to think of his own house, his own bed. His own private sacrosanct space.

Loving Jack


But I want to go home May be surrounded by a million people I, Still feel all alone
I want to go home


He drew her close. Her scent, so needed, was all around him. 
It was only then that he understood that you could come home even without the familiar walls.
Loving Jack

Women like men's hands

With a slight frown she skimmed her gaze over the tabletop until it rested on his hands.
Good God, she thought with a jolt, they were beautiful. The wrists were narrow, giving a
sense not of weakness but of graceful strength and capability. The backs of his hands were
deeply tanned and unmarred, long and lean, as were his fingers. The nails were short and
straight. Masculine was her first thought, then delicate came quickly on the tail of it.
Gennie could picture the hands holding a flute just as easily as she could see them
wielding a saber.
For a moment she forgot the rest of him in her fascination with his hands, and her reaction
to them. She felt the stir but didn’t suppress it. She was certain any woman who saw those
romantic, exquisite hands would automatically wonder just what they would feel like on
her skin. Impatient hands, clever. They were the kind that could either rip the clothes off a
woman or gently undress her before she had any idea what was happening.
When a thrill Gennie recog…

Dear Husband is at it again

I have a problem!
Dear husband is reading the last trilogy I have available in Portuguese - and says he won't read in English or French.
Some time ago I stopped reading and buying books from Nora in my language. They wouldn't come as quick as Nora was writing it - and when I started Nora had already published so many I wanted to read that the solution was to buy them in any language I could read - and (you know the feeling!!!) I just couldn't wait for the Portuguese version.
He's now reading Margo and Josh story in Daring to Dream. And enjoying it too much for my peace of mind facing the dilemma of no-more-Nora-in-PT. 
I never expected him to enjoy so much when I gave him the first one. He followed through my collection as my mind wouldn't allow me to go through a Box of Godiva 😉
(I assure you that one of his Christmas gifts will be a set from Nora Books I always wanted to have and wouldn't buy when having already. I can hear you thinking "win-win situat…

Book Nooks

"I keep them here and there around the house, so if you're in the mood, you don't have to go far.

 A book's a pleasant thing to have nearby."

Born in Shame


Photo by Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc. - Discover hallway design inspiration

15 Cozy Book Nooks and What They Want You to Read Put the beach reads away; these comfy spaces are creating a fall reading list. What books do they suggest to you?



My suggestions of Nora Novels for each of these rooms:

The Search  (Fiona's Home once she tears that kitchen wall down.  The suggested solarium turned into a reading nap and cuddle nook)

A good, generous window would give you a view into the woods.
Maybe wide-planked floors. You’d have room for a table if you wanted an alternate to eating in the

Photo by Priority 1 Project Management - Browse kitchen photos

The Return of Rafe MacKade (Rafe's home)
"Faintly the scent of paint stirred in the air. But she thought the room wa…

Some people love animals and others couldn't care less

Tawney patted his knee, inviting Bogart over. “Good dog. What’s the problem, Erin?” “I don’t like dogs.” They’d only been partners a few months and were still learning each other’s quirks and rhythms. “What’s not to like?” “Dog breath, shedding, big, sharp teeth.” Bogart’s tail whipped her legs as Tawney rubbed him. Mantz got to her feet, moved out of range.

The Search


By yeowatzup from Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany - Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand, CC BY 2.0,

Some people are into pets, however, while others simply aren’t interested. Why is this the case? It is highly probable that our desire for the company of animals actually goes back tens of thousands of years and has played an important part in our evolution. If so, then genetics might help explain why a love of animals is something some people just don’t get.



“He has a new partner. She’s striking—sort of like the TV version of FBI. She…

Happy Birthday Nora!

"It wouldn't be a Black Forest cake, would it? Double chocolate?" "Just you wait and see. Scat!" Laura waited until she was well down the hallway before she chuckled. It would be a Black Forest cake. Mrs. Williamson might be a tad forgetful these days, and her hearing wasn't what it had been. But vital matters such as Laura's traditional birthday meal would be remembered in every detail.

Finding the Dream




HappyBirthday Nora!

"Different roads sometimes lead to the same Castle" (Jon Snow)

Giff slid his hand into his pocket, fingered the small box he'd tucked there.  "I had different plans for doing this. But I don't think I've ever loved you more than I do right this second." He tugged the box out of his pocket, watching her eyes go huge and wide as he flipped open the lid with his thumb. The little diamond centered on the thin gold band winked out points of fire in the sun. "Marry me, Alexa." Her heart swelled and butted against her ribs. Her eyes misted so that the light shooting from the diamond refracted and blinded her. Her hand trembled as she pressed it to her mouth. "Oh, how could you! How could you spoil it all this way?" Spinning around, she thumped the hammer against the edge of the wood. "Like I said," he murmured, "you're always a surprise to me. You want me to put it away until we have candlelight and moonbeams?"



Kit Harington Adorably Fumbled His Proposal to Game of…

Nora Roberts' characters are Eternal

"Go there, get it, come back," 
Malachi repeated as a gritty-eyed  Gideon gulped down a second cup of morning coffee.

Three Fates


Two cups of coffee a day cuts overall risk of dying by 10 percent

How good is coffee for your health? 

>CBS NEWS< ______________________________________________________________

“Sex might satisfy, food might fuel, love might sustain, 
but without coffee, what is the point?”

Heart of the Sea

Little Things

“I think you should come out to dinner with me. I’ve a place in mind you’ll like, very much.” “Out to dinner? And what sort of place would this be?” “A very fancy place. Romantic and elegant, and where the food is a god.”

Blood Magick


By Simon_sees from Australia - Glasses, CC BY 2.0,

20 Little Things That Make Women In Relationships Smile From Ear To Ear


“I need a hug. A really long, hard hug. Crack my ribs, will you, Simon?” He put his arms around her, gave her what she needed short of snapping bones. Then he kissed the top of her head, her temples, her mouth.
“Better, better.” She sighed it out.

The Search