Oct 9, 2017

"Different roads sometimes lead to the same Castle" (Jon Snow)

Giff slid his hand into his pocket, fingered the small box he'd tucked there. 
"I had different plans for doing this. But I don't think I've ever loved you more than I do right this second."
He tugged the box out of his pocket, watching her eyes go huge and wide as he flipped open the lid with his thumb. The little diamond centered on the thin gold band winked out points of fire in the sun.
"Marry me, Alexa."
Her heart swelled and butted against her ribs. Her eyes misted so that the light shooting from the diamond refracted and blinded her. Her hand trembled as she pressed it to her mouth.
"Oh, how could you! How could you spoil it all this way?" Spinning around, she thumped the hammer against the edge of the wood.
"Like I said," he murmured, "you're always a surprise to me. You want me to put it away until we have candlelight and moonbeams?"



Kit Harington Adorably Fumbled His Proposal to Game of Thrones Co-Star Rose Leslie

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie only just got engaged, but Game of Thrones fans memorably watched the two actors engage in an iconic romance on the show before they announced that they were a real-life couple. But while Jon Snow eventually won Ygritte over with his smoothness, Harington's actual wedding proposal was pretty much an accident.


“You want flowers and candlelight, a ring in my pocket?” He’d meant to give them to her. The fact that he’d rushed his fences only infuriated him more.

True Betrayals

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