Sep 29, 2017

Authors' thank you notes

"To the woman I lost. To the woman I found. To the only woman I've loved. 
How fortunate for me that all three are one."
She looked back at him as she reached for a book. "What was that about?"
"It's the dedication I just wrote in my head for the book I'm working on now."

Key of Knowledge


By Christopher Michel - Ladakh, CC BY 2.0,

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Sep 28, 2017

Sex After 60

“I’ve wondered since you called if we’d take each other to bed tonight, then I had to do thirty minutes of yoga to stop being nervous.”
“Nervous? You?”
“I’m not a kid,” she reminded him as she drew him into her bedroom, where the light through the windows glowed soft. “Men your age often look at thirty-somethings, not fifty-somethings.
That’s twenty years of gravity against me.”
“What would I want with someone young enough to be my kid?”
When she laughed at that, he grinned. “Hell. It’d just make me feel old. I’m already worried I’ll mess this up. I’m out of practice, Ella.”
“I’m pretty rusty myself. I guess we’ll see if we tune up as we go. You could start by kissing me again. We both seemed to have that part down.”
He reached for her, and this time her arms went around his neck. He felt her rise up to her toes again as their lips met, as they parted for the slow, seductive slide of tongues.
He let himself stop thinking, stop worrying what if. Just act. His hands stroked down her back, over her hips, up her sides, then up again to pull the pins out of her hair.
It tumbled over his hands, slid through his fingers while she tipped back her head so his lips could find the line of her throat.
Nerves floated away on an indescribable mix of comfort and excitement. She shivered when he eased back to unbutton her shirt. As he did when she did the same for him.
She slipped out of her sandals; he toed off his shoes.
“So far . . .”
“So good,” he finished, and kissed her again.
And, oh, yes, she thought, he definitely had that part down.

Chasing Fire


By Ian MacKenzie (Flickr: Old Couple) [CC BY 2.0 
(], via Wikimedia Commons

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Sep 21, 2017

Prince Rupert's drops

"I've something for you." Watching him, she took one of the glass drops from her pocket, held it out in her palm.
"It looks like a tear."
"Aye." She waited while he held it to the light and studied it.
He rubbed a thumb over the smooth glass. "Are you giving me your tears, Maggie?"
"Perhaps I am." She took another one out of her pocket. "It comes from dropping hot glass in water.
When you do, some shatter right away, but others hold and form. Strong." She crouched and chose a rock. While Rogan watched she struck the glass with rock. "Strong enough that it won't break under a hammer." She rose again, holding the undamaged drop. "It holds, you see. Does nothing more than bounce away from the blow and shine. But there's this thin end here and it only takes a careless twist."
She took the slim, trailing end between her fingers. The glass turned to harmless dust. "It's gone, you see. Like it never was."

Born in Fire


400 year-old mystery of Prince Rupert's drops finally cracked

A Prince Rupert's drop looks like a glass tadpole from a beginner's crafts festival, but it's so strong it can take a hammer hit without breaking. That would be impressive enough, but if you break its tail, which can be done with finger pressure, the drop explodes into powder. The reason for this has mystified scientists for 400 years, but a team from Purdue University, the University of Cambridge, and Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia finally has an answer.