Sep 8, 2016

New wedding gown trend

With her hand still on her heart, Parker stepped in. And her hand simply slid down to her side. 

The bride-white silk flowed from the strapless, sweetheart bodice, down the narrow torso to a full skirt.The classic ballgown style shimmered with intricate beadwork and embroidery, sparkling on the bodice, trailing down the side, circling the sweeping hem and train. 

Its lines, its style, would, unquestionably, suit her. But that wasn't what blurred her vision. 

“It's my mother's wedding gown. It's Mom's.”

Happy Ever After 


By 4028mdk09 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Women wearing their mother's wedding dresses will give you so many feels

There’s a new wedding gown trend, ladies, and it’s AWESOME. Brides to be are snapping pics of themselves in their #momsweddingdress, and the results are hilarious, and so, so sweet.


“It's beautiful,” she managed. 
“Absolutely beautiful. I've only seen it in pictures, only seen how wonderful she looked in it, how happy she and Dad looked. She married my father in that dress, and now I'll have both of them with me when I marry Malcolm. It's the best gift you could give me.The best.”

Happy Ever After

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