Feb 28, 2016

"When We Were Young"

"Once I told you I'd thought of you looking around and seeing someone who appealed to you more. I wasn't joking." She gave him a little shake. "You should have been." 

Didn't she realize how lovely she was, how regal? 
Didn't she know how clumsy she could make a man feel with just a smile?

For Now, Forever


Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move...
Everybody here is watching you
'Cause you feel like home
You're like a dream come true


He took her hand in his. "Last night I dreamed. I dreamed of you. It started on the night we met, that first waltz."
"The summer ball," she murmured. She had only to smile to see the moonlight, smell the flowers. Odd, it had been in her dreams as well. "It was a beautiful night."

"You were beautiful," he corrected. "And I wanted you more than I'd ever wanted anything in my life."

"You were arrogant," she remembered, smiling. "And desperately attractive." 

Leaning over, she kissed him softly, lingeringly. The same passion that they'd felt in the beginning hovered over them. "You still are, Daniel."

"I'm old, Anna."

"We're both old."

He pressed her hand to his lips. The ring he'd given her so many years before was cool against his skin. 
"And I still want you more than I've ever wanted anything in my life."

For now, Forever

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