Oct 27, 2018

healthy alternatives to those breakfast foods you shouldn't eat

"Sit down, you can have some cereal." 
 "Man doesn't live by hotcakes alone, Nathan." 
She kissed him quick. "And some bananas."

Loving Jack 


By Carissa Gan carissagan - 
https://unsplash.com/photos/YlwOMESLPQo, CC0, 

There are alternatives to some of those popular breakfast foods like granola bars or bagels that will give you the same satisfaction plus more nutrition that will keep your energy up all morning while leaving you feel fuller. Here are a few healthy breakfast alternatives.


She turned, narrowed her eyes as Fiona took a box of Froot Loops out of another cupboard. “You’re not having that processed sugar for breakfast.”
“Fruit, as in Froot Loops.” Smiling hopefully, Fiona shook the box. “There has to be fruit in here.”
“Sit down. I’m fixing you a decent breakfast.”
“Syl, this is fine.”
“It might be, on occasion, if you were ten. Sit,” she repeated, and, at home, opened Fiona’s
refrigerator. “Um-hmm, um-hmm. I can work with this. You’ll have a nice egg-white omelet on whole wheat toast.”
“I will?”

The Search

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