Oct 10, 2018

🥂 Happy NORA's Day 🍰

The one gift Ana always gave herself on her birthday was a completely free day.
She could be as lazy as she chose, or as industrious. She could get up at dawn
and gorge on ice cream for breakfast, or she could laze in bed until noon
watching old movies on television.
The single best plan for the one day of the year that belonged only to her was no
plan at all.



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How Can I Tell What I Exactly Want For My Birthday?

What do you want for your birthday? Wait, don't tell me,
 I already know! If you also wanna know then play 
this surprising gift quiz.


“Does your mother have a birthday coming up?”
“She stopped having them about ten years ago. 
We just call it Marlene’s Day.”
“Smart woman.”

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