Feb 7, 2018

What to do with your kids ahead of Valentine's Day

"I made something for you in school." 
Embarrassed, Radley held his hands behind his back.
"Yeah?" Mitch set his coffee down. "Do I get to see it?"
"It's Valentine's Day, you know." 
After a moment's hesitation, he handed Mitch a card fashioned out of construction paper and blue ribbon. 
"I made Mom this heart with lace stuff, but I thought the ribbon was better for guys." Radley shuffled his feet. "It opens."
Not certain he could trust his voice, Mitch opened the card. Radley had used his very best block printing.
"To my best friend, Mitch. I love you, Radley." 
He had to clear his throat, and hoped he wouldn't make a fool out of himself. 
"It's great. I, ah, nobody ever made me a card before."
"Really?" Embarrassment faded with surprise. 
"I make them for Mom all the time. She says she likes them better than the ones you buy."
"I like this one a lot better," Mitch told him.

Local Hero


By Jim Pennucci from Hope, USA - Painting, CC BY 2.0, 

February 14 is a few days away and while most parents will cringe at their idea of their little children 'in love', the truth is love has more dimensions than mainstream media chooses to project.
There is the love between parent and child, a love for grandparents, pets, for teachers and friends.
Love can be multi-dimensional. It also can add to your life.


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