May 29, 2012

closet case

“Wanna see my closet?”
“I’ve seen it three times now. Yes, it’s the queen of all the closets in all the land.”
“Well, Parker’s is the queen.”
“Parker’s is the goddess of closets. You take queen."

Vision in White


Mary Alice Stephenson

The beauty and style expert shows off her newly renovated closets, which take up an entire floor in her Brooklyn brownstone.


Mac scanned Parker's enormous and terrifying organized closet. 
“Maybe if I had a closet this size, I could keep it all neat and organized.” 
Parker rejected a red shirt and moved on. “No, you couldn‟t.” 
“That‟s cold.True, but cold.” 
“If you kept your closet organized, you wouldn‟t be able to buy another white shirt just because it‟s cute, because you‟d be perfectly aware you already have a dozen white shirts.” 
“Also true, but there‟s something to be said about knowing where your red patent leather belt is when you absolutely need your red patent leather belt.” 
Mac opened a drawer in one of the many built-in cabinets that held Parker‟s collection of belts, neatly coiled in color groups.

Happy Ever After

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