Apr 26, 2019

Weird Things You Can Really Buy at Home Depot

She lifted her glass in toast. "I had a good day. How about you?"

She sparkled, he thought. A trip to Home Depot, or wherever she'd been, 
and she sparkled like sunlight.



Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine [CC0]

Home Depot is a virtual wonderland for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. 
Of course, if you spend enough time hunting the aisles in search of the perfect item 
to complete your project, you may come across some products that will surprise you. 
Here are 20 of the strangest, funniest and most unexpected weird things you really 
can buy at Home Depot.


Guilt stung, just a little, but Ethan rationalized that deer and rabbits 
could be a problem, so she should take precautions anyway. 
"Dried blood."
"Dried blood ? Whose?"
"You can buy it at the garden store, and you just dump it around. It'll keep them away."
"Dried blood." Her lips pursed as she made a mental note to buy some.
"Or urine."
"Dried urine?"
"No." Ethan cleared his throat.

Rising Tides

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