May 6, 2018

Horses have a memory for emotion

Iona checked the ring, then what Boyle called his office, backtracked, circled, and found him
outside in the paddock having a stare-down with Alastar.
“He doesn’t think you like him.”
Boyle glanced back. “Then he’s an intuitive bastard.” 

Dark Witch


By muffinn from Worcester, UK - Horse looking over a wall, CC BY 2.0,

Horses Can Read and Remember People's Emotions

Scientists discovered that the animals can not only recognize humans, but remember their expressions.


He said nothing as Alastar wandered over, oh so casually, and ignoring him, went all but nose to
nose with Iona. 
The horse, Boyle thought, looked at the woman as if she knew every answer.
“We had a good day, didn’t we?” She stroked the smooth cheek, down the strong line of throat.
“It’s a good place here. Just takes some getting used to.”
Then, the horse, who only that morning had left a welt the size of a man’s fist on his veteran
groom’s biceps, seemed to sigh as well. And stepped in, all but laying his head on Iona’s shoulder so she could glide her hands over his long neck.

Dark Witch

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