Nov 20, 2017

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

"She's upstairs, watching the Macy's parade with Yuri."

"He never misses it. Nothing disappointed him more than when we grew too old to want to sit in his lap and watch the floats."

Taming Natasha


By Sandra Lemaire / VOA - VOA,, 
Public Domain,

These celebrities get just as jazzed about the time-honored tradition as the rest of us.



"I'm watching the parade with Papa. He can talk just like Donald Duck, and he lets me sit on his lap."
"I see." Leaning closer, Natasha took a sniff. There was the telltale fragrance of gumdrops lingering on Freddie's breath. "Does he still hog all the yellow ones?"
Freddie giggled, casting a quick, cautious look at her father. Spence had a much different view of gumdrops than Yuri. "It's okay. I like the red ones best."
"How many red ones?" Spence asked her.
Freddie lifted her shoulders and let them fall. It was, Spence noted with some amusement, almost a mirror image of Natasha's habitual gesture. "Not too many. Will you come up and watch with us?" She tugged at Natasha's hand. "It's almost time for Santa Claus."

Taming Natasha

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