Sep 5, 2014

Beauty and Wisdom

"I can't believe how fast he's growing." 
Feeling very grandmotherly but sporting a sleek new hairstyle, Amanda sat in the bentwood rocker in Michael's new nursery and cuddled the baby.
"Does he?" Delighted Laura moved to stand over them. 
The baby smelled of talc -- Amanda of Paris.

Gabriel's Angel


Culturally speaking, youth has a near-monopoly on our definition of beauty. But for photographer Robbie Kaye, the opposite is true. Her photo essay and book, Beauty and Wisdom, aims to combat ageism by documenting older women...

“Initially I was going to make these photos fun and frivolous, but in looking at the women, I realized how much dignity they had and how amazing they were,” 


And she’d had enough, Eli judged, and looked a little pale again. “What’s for lunch?”
“We should go down and find out.”
He helped her up, but when he started to lift her, she brushed him back. “I don’t need to be carried. I manage well enough with the cane.”
“Maybe, but I like playing Rhett Butler.”
“He wasn’t carrying his grandmother downstairs to lunch,” she said when Eli scooped her into his arms.
“But he would have.”

Whiskey Beach