Sep 30, 2013

dark witch - excerpt

Fall Into the Story kindly shares an excerpt for Dark Witch - Nora Roberts' book 1 of The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, that will be on stores on October 29. 

FOUR Loooooooong Weeks... 

This excerpt will make you want to be the first - no problem in being second :) just saying - in line to get it....


Sep 25, 2013

Lingerie in Literature

Mmm…" She examined the piece herself. Silk, seed pearls at the bodice. "Probably about one-fifty."
"One hundred and fifty? Dollars?" He shook his head in disgust. "One good tug and it's a rag."

Instantly she bristled. "Our merchandise is top-quality. It will certainly hold up to normal wear."

"Honey, a little number like this isn't designed for normal." He cocked a brow. "Looks about your  size."
"You keep dreaming, Piasecki." She tossed her coat over the love seat. "The point of good lingerie is style, texture. The sheen of silk, the foam of lace. Ours is designed to make a woman feel attractive and good about herself-pampered."
"I thought the idea was to make a man beg."
"That couldn't hurt," she tossed back.

Night Smoke





Underwear is a visually powerful tool, but how does it fare in the written word?


He saw with delight that she wore those sexy thigh-hugging stockings again, this time in sheer
smoky-black. He imagined she'd considered that the black bra and panties were proper coordinates.
He thanked God for her practical mind.
"Sybill, I love what goes on under your clothes."
Inner Harbor

Sep 24, 2013

northern lights

Besides, you can't really see this from inside."

"See what?"

"Look up, Lower 48."

He looked where she pointed and lost his breath. "Holy God."

"Yeah, I always thought it was holy. A natural phenom caused by latitude, sunspots and so on. Scientific explanations don't make it less beautiful, or magical."

The lights in the sky were green with shimmers of gold, hints of red. The long, eerie streaks seemed to pulse and breathe, bathing the dark with life.

"The northern lights show best in the winter, but it's usually too damn cold to appreciate them. Figured this was a good night for the exception."

"I've heard of them. Seen pictures. It's not like the pictures."

"The best things never are.

Northern Lights


3 great places to watch the northern lights

 in America




 Right now, you may see the aurora borealis – also known as the northern lights – from northern California to the Texas Panhandle to the Virginia coast. About every 11 years, the sun's magnetic-field activity peaks, causing the lights to blaze farther south. 


Here are top three spots to see the light shows, starting near the fall equinox on Sept. 22. 


"It's as good as you think," NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center scientist Joseph Kunches says. "It's worth staying up late to see."





"So you came here."

"To bury myself. But things happened. I saw the mountains. I saw the lights. Northern lights."

He looked at her and realized by the faint smile on her face she understood. 

He didn't have to say more. So he could say more.

"And I saw you. Similar reaction to all. Something inside me wanted to come back to life."


 Northern Lights


Sep 19, 2013

Ballerina Irina Dvorovenko: ‘All Artists Are Very Vulnerable’


“All ballet dancers, all artists, are very vulnerable,” Dvorovenko said. “There are so many insecurities because it’s a huge responsibility and you’re dealing with discipline, routine and pain. From an early age, you have to learn how to control yourself. And have tremendous inner strength.”


“The ballet world is pretty hidden,” Dvorovenko continued. 

 “We dedicate our life to it. The audience sees beauty, grace, glamour, lightness, passion. Behind the curtain it’s a very difficult routine and strict discipline.”